Presstube - Proce55ing perfection. Looping animations making a breathtaking display. Top Bananas!

Vector Park - Interactive play things to mess about with - top notch fun park!

Hoogerbrugge - Dutch artist with a rather good website starring himself. Modern Living's a self portrait area. Spin, Flow, Hotel and Animen Planet are well worth a trip.

Tokyoplastic - Amazing interactive animations beyond description. The Drum Machine, Opera Dude and Aiwa Promo are coool. The Little Fella's their latest wonder.

Drifter TV - Scout-like figures called Drifters sent to earth to help us.

Tiny Grow - Click on the spinning thingy to make wierd things grow. Six plus equal one is another stunner.

Conclave Obscurum - Twisted flash of Dante's worst nightmares. See Cine in Sulfur for a start. A contributor to this little beauty: Bedazedly. Brutal.

Sinplex - Classy interactive Japanese animation in flash. Sharp.

Project Euh? - A selection of fun flash pieces. Made to make you go euh?

Ertdfgcvb - An array of very nice interactive flash pieces and experiments from Andreas. Fly by the Cloudscape for starters.

Zefrank- Kleidoscopic fun with Drawtoy, poking pleasure with Ouch, Scribblititilation with Scribbler and precipitrippytation with Snowflake.






Sunday School from The Branflakes' Scrumpdillyishus land. Genius imagery and sounds. See all their work and rejoice.

Infinite Wheel - Eh mon, One Dub, One Love, One hell of a site.

Flying puppet - Delightful interactive visuals with eclectic world sounds & visuals. Nice Dervishes and White vibes and Somnambules.

Elf Trance - The Elf site for intelligent monkeys. Happiness is he who bears a squirrel within, and who obeys it.

Sound Toys - A collection of sound based visual toys to play with. Play with clouds at Safe Places

Larry Carlson - Psycho-tropic-dellic-omic mindmadness and trippy movies. There's Medijate for a chill fill. Hippy hop.

Pianographique - Cool sounds and visuals at your fingertips.

Audiogame - Selection of original pieces displaying & interacting with sound.

Winnoise - A syphony by Clownstaples with Bill Gates in the orchestra.

Ostervision - Make sweet, sweet music with the friendly eggs.

Francois Chalet - VJ Francois cuts some funky visual grooves in da house.

Bakteria - Visuals and sounds to stop those frowns.






Pleix - Stunning execution. Plaid Itsu and Sometimes are personal favorites.Oink Oink Oink!

Twisted films of PEZ - Wacky stop animation.

Dreamies - Juxtapositions of nightmares and visions. Revealing.

Cavecybernation - Picasso meets Escher, Dali and Van G. And somone's opened a bottle of absinth again.

200AD in lego - Fab Lego take on Kubrik's masterpiece. I'm scared Dave.

Pook is here - When I become Death, Death is the seed from which I grow.

Nakedrabbit - Wacky mixing and messing with imagery.






Visual data - Cool, sharp, steel-edged visuals for your perusal. A bit scary. Nice reactive section at base.

Group C- Casey Reas' processing. Do some of the sketches have a great stereoscopic quality or am I stoned? Love Double Cell.

Complexification - Where Proce55ing and art merge. Complex.

Quasimodo: Incubator - Artistic works, experiments and sketches. Rubber Screen and Everything is Holy make my eyes water.

Play-Create - Verdant visuals, creative code, super selection. Play time. For audiovisual play try their Noodlebox. - Super atomic particles spin in spirals at Bubble Chamber using proce55ing. All the stuff here.

Phantasian - Phantasian's Phanta_vision's phucking phantastic.

db-db - Designing together in a pixel playground. Nude Men Garden's a proce55ing piece with realtime video tracking - as is Snow.

Dextro - Digital Art. Very digital. Very pretty. Pretty abstract. There's also Turux (Semi automatic) and Re-Move for more digital dynamism.

Stanza - digital design. Includes Central City, a digital cityscape of sounds and visuals and Amorphoscapes, interactive sound environments.

Toxi Bobs - Well rendered flash, java and proce55ing effects from Toxi. To infinity and beyond.

Nooflat - Minimalist dynamic art. Peaceful.

Uncontrol - Nicely designed autonomous wireframe creatures crawl around. Creepy crawly.

New Pollution - Dynamic visual experiments lab with some inventive pieces.

Yugop - Yugo Nakamura's high class experiments in visuals.

Superheroes - Fly Captain America, Batman, Wonderwoman or Superman through a hall of mirrors.

Atomless - James Tindall's experiments. Square root of one allows you to manipulate things for the hell of it.

Florito - High quality play (aka a showcase of programming experiments and algorithmic electronic art created by Marcus Graf.)






Mung - Genius. Delightful. Silly. I particularly like Spaceboy and Run Potato Run .

Jotto - So that's what penguin dreams are like. If you visit all of Jotto's works you may go mad. Love the mixulator.

We come in Peace - Amusing animations of a wee beast as he explores his surroundings. More fun in the laboratory.

Kunstbar - A man walks into a bar.... See the history of art at cocktails night. Flash-tastic

Nose Pilot - If you've not seen this flash movie you haven't seen enough. Follow their nose.

Entropy8Zuper - The Godlove museum. An epiphanic religeous visionary experience. Hell yes!

Mumbleboy's Patterns - Psychadelic movie of insanity. Very bright. From Mumbleboy

Strindberg and Helium - High art on Absinthe.

Scary Dolls - Scary movies from a bloody circus. Watch Tomahawk to get a taste or play a game of chess. Beware.

Double yolker - I like my eggs runny.

Ilustris - Beautifully illustrated stories of love. - Little shorts about a little mint. It's mint!

Dance Monkey Dance - These monkeys are pretty facked-up. Crazy. - Scary movies. Objectionable apparatus and Head-Leg are lovely.
Fat Pie - Gorgeous works include PTIKOBJ and and A black and white cartoon about berries.






Nobody here - A warren of cool visuals and thoughts. Contains a few bugs though. An amazing meandering maze

Creatures in my head - This person has some quite unique creatures working his brain gears. Oddball.

Banksy - The revolution may be stenciled. London based graffiti artist.

Akiyoshi's illusion pages - A large array of impressive visual illusions to hurt your brain. Every update amazes. Blinding!

When I am King - A superbly illustrated story of ancient Egypt, sunburn and camel love.

Destroy Evil - A myriad of sharp images - mini flash clips - showing scenes to be seen.

Podnoids - A few delightful little arty pictures using flash.

Zebra in Space - Amusing clips of a zebranaut.

Peter Stanick - Now with colorguard. Sexy vector Images.

Pinhole Pictures - A world of surreal images from sugarplaces to shrimps and bees. Take a peek.

The Untitled Project - The world looks so much more beautiful without text.

Luke Chuen - Cute, warped, cuddly, disturbing. It's all good.

d'Holbachie Yoko - Colour rich psychedelia molded with the heart of a child.






R-a-n-d-o-m - Disturbing yet intriguing flash items. Nuts.

A is for apple - A journey to the core. Interesting, evocative, appealing.

Koert's Active Cursor - Fun with your cursor - Stickyness, roughness, holes, hills, dips and much more. Drift is one of his.

Eyemaze - A kind of puzzle / plaything / animation / japanese. Now with added Grow RPG and Grow Cube. And even a Grow Tribute.

Tasty Smoke - From the Remedi Project, Curtis Nishimura / Wagon smoke shows you smoking fun. It's a gasp.

Takagism - A flash theater of the wierd and wonderful. Eyecatching.

Andy Foulds - High quality stuff in the amusements section.

Fubbs - Surreal arty interactivity for people with sufficient time to waste. Theatre of the mad.

Anonymes - An eclectic mix of delightful interactive flash scenes. Tres Francais.

(Sic)culture - Inventive take on our consumer culture. Sic.

Softestbridge - Very nice mini pieces in flash. Innovative joy.

Maniacs - Short pieces on not so well animals. Someone call the vet.

Storybeat - A selection of varied flash pieces to enjoy. Beat that.

99 rooms - Artistic wall renderings.

AOOA - Lift the handset, dial the number and transport to the next scape.

The TCB Museum.

Sheep entertainment - Endless entertainment for sheep, and some people too.

Amanita Design - Works include Samarost an 'other-worldly world' to explore. The Questfortherest with The Polyphonic Spree's little adventure; And Plantage - an organic ensemble.

Storynest Lab - Some nice experiments.