More graphikal visuals



Experiments In Graphic Visuals

Iamstatic - Growth Pattern. Selection of artists at the forefront. - Sketches & experiments in processing
Coolbubble - Nifty Java applets
Ghostagency - Spooky processing selection
Leogeo - A Spiral selection
Dead pixel - Long live dead pixel
Insert Silence - Processing with nice minimilist visuals.
Bodytag - All sorts of visual delights
Alcys - Les similitudes dans le plan vectoriel
Secret Technology - Flash imagery to press and push





Interactive vision

Rolitoland - A land of strange, disturbing your sensibilities.
Magic Robot - Some lovely pieces in flash. Magic.
Willing To Try - Transforms simple shapes into imaginative pieces
Tamaninamls - For people who like poking spherical animals.
Milked - Manipulation of all sorts of physical objects.
Dodge Squad Ninjas - Catch the dodging ninjas if you can.
Flyguy - A flying guy
Zoom Quilt - An infinite quilt stitched with the wierd imagination
Specialdefects - The underside of flash
BusSelecta - Virtually customise your own air cooled vehicle
Taxidermia - Lots and lots of stuff of sorts
Center-of-the-World - Hi Res created a nice naughty promotion for the film
What what - What?
The truth is what you believe - Win total conciousness on your death bed
Bouncy paint - Bounce paint
Lou Paradis - The non-stop erotic cabaret
Three drops - Jackanories
Squid Soup - 3D doodling
Khronos - dislocating images
Coverpop - digital harmony: mathematical musical motion
Roxik - pulling people is fun
Circles - learn about three point circles. Or play with hoses.





Audiovisual Flash

ER Disco - Steroid Edition
Turntablistic Kittens - Scratchy
Looptracks - Mega mix-up
Vision impossible - VJing
Dustball's Play - Happy clappy stuff
Yurilane - Yuri Harmonica, human beatbox
Dakota - Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries presents
Choccy - Weebls 'Everyone loves the chocolate'





Flash Animated Movies

Things I found in the wood - A beautiful flash movie by Jon Mallinson.
Perte de Temps - A waste of time quite frankly
Sun - Beware the eclipse. Something wicked this way went.
Dad's home - He's violent, crazy and he rocks!
Kollaps - Pustota from Kollaps
Ball of being - dancing balls






Silly Pink Bunnies - It's so rad dude. The big stupid is class.
Esao Andrews - A collection of nice artwork presented in a classy flash layout.
Feric - Marvellous mechanisms
Wopah - Nice work
Liz Wolfe - Colour photographs
Mantlepies - Lovely little cartoons
Mark Ryden - Cool paintings
The Vaults of Erowid - Blotter art.
My Own Self - Self portrait art
Da Mental Vaporz - Unbelievable murals
Pipingrad - Comic strip & drawings
Pulcomayo - Fab character design
Space invaders - Invasive street art
Richard Borge - Artworks with style, depth & humour
Magic Eye - Magic Eye teaches you to see beyond the shadows
Tetsoo - Amazing visuals throughout the site
Stefangruber - String Instrument
123Klan - Style is the message
Jen Stark - Lovely paper sculpture and pretty pics






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