More graphikal visuals



Fun Interactivity

Box Doodle - Doodle on boxes then see the gallery
Biobloc - Make block creatures and teach them to move
Orisinal - Elegant games and beautiful pieces from Ferry Halim
Abnormalbehaviorchild - Wierd flash
Pocket freak show - Matchboxes of madness
Colors - Color in motion, marketing
PIPS lab - Coffee break.
Rookery - Environ, exotic, evolving robo-creatures
DrawBots - Start em off and watch em go
Powers of 10 - From far away to really near
Naptime - Round and round and round you go - Flow3, floral drawing tool
Tekacat - now with cats
Particle painter - Attractive
MandelSwarm - Swarming fractal
Fractal Zoom Movies - Infinite
Visual Complexity - Essence of Rabbit
Philotaxis - Where science and culture meet
Book of numbers - Spliced images move
Volume One -





Experiments In Graphic Visuals

Lukelab - Pornopainter + Kaleidoscope
Tokyo-abstraction - Abstract
Pixel Lab production - Frontier digital design.
Sand - Kenji Ikeda's Sand boxes
Lebonze - Playground of visual pleasure

Alcys - Les images sensible

Sandra Crispart - Original experiments
Interact 10 ways - Getty gallery experiments
Creative mind - Adobe designers interactive animation





Individual Graphic Visuals

Yellowtail - Draw squiggles and watch them animate. Proce55sing.
Jump - Grab the pie
Mixing - Immiscible fluid mixing simulation, Proce55ing
Gravilux - Snibbe, Processing
Turbulence's Chess - Visulize computer's chess thoughts
Dissolute Productions - desktops of the future (05.08.05)
Blue Oyster Spiral Fractal Zoom - travel the mandelbrot. More from Eric Bigas.






James Machtwey - Witness photos
Instructoart - That's the way to do it
British Panoramics - British landscapes
OGIgraphics - Smart, crisp designs
Koa - War of the monsters
Views from the air - Yann Arthus-Bertrand's photographic portrait of our planet.
Escher Blowout 2 - Worth1000 photoshops Escher
Michae Bbach - Optical Illusions
Somethingawful - Childrensbooks
Eye of Science - Eye of science, microscopy
Klonek - Island of images
David Mach - Match Heads
Koehnline - Gif Backgrounds
Panoramics - Historic photos
Minchi - beautiful paintings
MDMA, DMT or Ketamine anyone? Does they look as good as they taste?
Thomas Broome - Self portrait (with squares).
Ron Mueck - Givvin it large.





Audiovisual Flash

Macopism - Musical light show
Drumsteps - Audiovisual game
Desperado - Music video for Jonny Cash
Weapon of choice - Weapon of Choice stick mov
Toshistation - Periodic Table of Funk
Nio - Flash auadio visual sound generator
Why do you stay up so late - amphetamines?
Lejo DJ - Musical hand job





Flash Animated Movies

Fear and Loathing meets StarWars - HST with the wookies. I sense much fear in you.
Kubrick 2001 - A take on 2001AD. I'm afraid, Dave.
Metro - Short-sighted adventure
Parthogenisis - Genetically engineered

The Remedi Project - Battlefield

Raku-gaki - Japenese artscape
The Remedi Project - x,y,z
Mewsite - Mew, Like paperclips.
Takeo - Poinant
Oculart - Beauty is in the eye
Billyblob cartoons - Groovy wierd
The wedding of Mr Green - The definition of frightening.
Milosh - you make me feel so good
Mysteries exist - Or do they?
RoganJosh - Bunnies





AVI Movies

Strandbeast - Amazing ambulatory artifact creatures.
Tim Prentice - Wonderful wind chimes.
Escher and the Droste effect - Short movie displaying an Escher.
Tontons Zingueurs - Funny French drunk people. Vivre la difference. Hic.
Olifant Is Grijs - Retro french look
Hippy sheep - Hippy sheep
Shilodesign - Comserv
Fullscreenqtvr - Panoramas, QuicktimeVR
Arthur Ganson - Kinetic sculptures
Bifurcations - Geometrics

Playingwithtime - Time elapse movies, timeless

Homeland Hodown - Bush baiting
Beam TV - Sharp
okno2003 - colourful
Domokun - Domovelopers, the movie
Flashvideo - Stylistic animations of stuff.
Space Invaders - using people.
Sparkler show - The Past of PIKA-PIKA.






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