Weird and Keeerazy Lynx




A is for Ardcore junglist fish rotator
B is for Bull(less)
C is for Cow Magnets
D is for Dog Lycra
D is for Dog Nose Heaven
E is for Equine Hygiene
F is for Deformed Frogs
F is for Freaky calves
H is for Baby Hedgehogs
H is for Hedgehog Colorguide
H is for Horse head pillows
I is for Ice Bears and Submarines
J is for Jumping Giraffes
K is for Killer Sheep
L is for Leopard slug aerial mating
M is for Most Impressive Maggot Pics
N is for Neuticles
O is for The Opossom Project
P is for Pets or Food
P is for Penguin Sweaters
R is for English Angora Rabbits
S is for Hawaiian Happyface Spiders
S is for Giant Spider Webs
S is for Squirrel decantors
S is for Sunfish
U is for Pet Umbrellas
W is for Wild Salmon on Parade





Cat Hate

Sticky situations - Sellotaping your cat
In loving memory of 'Precious' - Dear Lord.
Snorting fluffy - So lumpy without a razor-blade
What to do with your cat - Handy
Cat yoga - Can't get too supple
Bonsai Kitten - Darlin little kittens
Little shrill voices - From a case of curiosities
Cat skins - I need a new doormat.
Cat skinning - Get the kids to help out
The Calvin Pelorian Cat Project - Cats - don't Pelorian!
Mr Marles - Beautiful
Evil cats of doom - Satan's little helpers?
Cat cults and covens - Don't say I didn't warn you
The cat mantis - Scratch em back
Wesley buckaroo - One word - lazy





Food and Drink

Eating flowers - There's also eating bugs to go with the salad.
Taxonomy of biscuits - Warning: Pink wafers not fully explained.
Octodog - Turning food into octopods
Cow Udder Eclairs - An alternative to chocolate moose. sorry.
FourSKY's Bar Monkey - Worth every penny.
The Fruit Salad Tree - Grow eight fruits on one tree.
Thorax cake - You are what you eat





Organised Religeon

Betty Bower's bible quiz - from Betty Bowers - Have you been to bible study?
With you always - Sortakinda's take on divine intervention. Jesus wept
The Brick Testament - Whoever throws the first brick
The Ossary - Dem bones - a church decorated with death
Tao of Charcoal - The naked whiz will enlighten you
Jesus Christ Superstore - better than the musical
Jesus Inspirational Sport Statues - Inspirational
JesusFreakin - Remember to save
Dance Dance Ressurection - Wholesome entertainment






Self-defence with a walking-stick - Fighting techniques for octogenarians
I love arms. I really do, I just can't get enough of them.
The most bizarre video game ever - Vivre la Japanese
World Beard and Moustache Championships
We are family - Didn't seem quite one for the animals section - A collection of matresses found on the street
The Sliding Rocks of the Racetrack Playa
Engrish - The English language in Japan is to serve as meaningless decoration
Location Earth Dog Tags
Ian Knot "Flip Book" Instructions - You're tying your shoelaces up wrong.
Hundreds of crane accident photos
Special silver sparkle - look your best
Kidney stone photographs - I'll drink to that






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